Sign up for Coaching Services


Sign up for Coaching Services


1 Program: $100/month
2 Programs: $120/month
3 Programs: $135/month
4 Programs: $145/month

Minimum 3 month commitment required (not all paid upfront).

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Please read the Terms and Conditions before signing up!

Signing up with my coaching services assumes you have read and fully understood these terms.

Terms & Conditions:

When you sign up, you are agreeing to committing to a minimum of 3 months of coaching with Cordelia, unless otherwise communicated with her. (You will not be billed all three months today.) If at any time after those three months are up you would like to cancel, please contact me to notify me of canceling your client membership and you billing will then stop the following month after your request. Your billing will not automatically stop once 3 months is complete. I want to work with you for as many months as possible, and will not assume you want to cancel unless you tell me so specifically.

When you do choose to cancel, please tell me so via email at, TWO WEEKS BEFORE YOUR NEXT PAYMENT. Your recurring payment will be cancelled for the following month - meaning I have a no-refunds policy.

Note that you are paying for monthly coaching, that means you are paying for ongoing consistent communication with me, in addition to whatever programming you are written. Eg. if you are signing up for a program like Strength Training/Mobility, you will be provided a spreadsheet once a month detailing out 4 weeks of exercises. If you do not complete the exercises within 1 month, you are still expected to complete that spreadsheet before being provided with a new, second month's spreadsheet. You will not be pro-rated for the second month, because what the monthly coaching payment covers is both the spreadsheet AND continuous communication with me.

Utilize me as much as possible! Ask lots of questions, get as much feedback as possible (in the case of strength training coaching, you can send unlimited videos of you doing the exercises so I can critique your form.)