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Cordelia shares the ethos of parkour - to play, challenge yourself, and leave no trace.


Program Director | Parkour Visions

Parkour Visions is a 501(c)3 non-profit based out of Seattle, WA; dedicated to the idea of #MovementForAll. Our coaches and volunteers teach fun classes focused on building strength, resiliency, and creativity. Our artists design spaces promoting active living and play. Our organization empowers communities to improve access, affordability, and diversity, and our members are the power behind it all.

Move to Inspire | Team Athlete

At Move to Inspire, we want to share Parkour and movement with all and any age, gender, and body type regardless of movement history or skill set. It is our belief that anyone can practice and learn movement.  Move to Inspire gym is located in Grand Junction, Colorado; and it’s professional parkour team is comprised of athletes across America.

Check out the clothing line and use discount “STORM10” for parkour clothes!